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Just like with any other company, we are intrigued with new and upcoming things. Whether it’s a new beer, business, music scene, or event, all of them started from an idea that was brought to life. Knowing how these ideas blossomed into what they are known for within Memphis, makes them “newsworthy”. Ultimately, we want Memphians and tourists alike to experience these ideas that created the city we all know and love. Because who knows, maybe other ideas (such as our own) can blossom into something prominent and beautiful all across the Mid-South.

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Wiseacre Brewery: Where It All Started

Wiseacre Brewery: Where It All Started

Tiny Bomb and Gotta Get Up to Get Down... the beers that started our passion for Memphis craft beer. What better way to start our blog posts than to show you where it all began... at Wiseacre!

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