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Our Story

So.. How did we become Bluff City Brews? From having too many beers, talking about the local Memphis scene, and how to spread the word on up and coming beer options (and events) to Memphians alike. Simple right?

The Way We See It

Culture is experienced through local establishments, especially with food and drink. Did you know, that Memphis water is termed “Sweetest in the World”? Whether you did or didn’t, it makes for the perfect environment to brew beer. The purity of the water literally cannot be duplicated anywhere in the world, making Memphis beers one-of-a-kind. That’s why the Memphis beer scene is HOT. From kick-ass breweries to phenomenal craft beers that you can only find in Memphis, it’s information that truly needs to be shared.

Who Doesn’t Love a Good Story?

Just like with any other company, we are intrigued with new and upcoming things. Whether it’s a new beer, business, music scene, or event, all of them started from an idea that was brought to life. Knowing how these ideas blossomed into what they are known for within Memphis, makes them “newsworthy”. Ultimately, we want Memphians and tourists alike to experience these ideas that created the city we all know and love. Because who knows, maybe other ideas (such as our own) can blossom into something prominent and beautiful all across the Mid-South.